shits, shitting, shat
1) N-UNCOUNT Some people use shit to refer to solid waste matter from the body of a human being or animal. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
2) VERB: V To shit means to get rid of solid waste matter from the body. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
3) N-SING To have a shit means to get rid of solid waste matter from the body. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
4) N-PLURAL: the N If someone has the shits, liquid waste matter keeps coming out of their body because they are ill or afraid. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
5) N-UNCOUNT (disapproval) People sometimes refer to things that they do not like as shit. [INFORMAL, RUDE]

This is a load of shit.

6) N-COUNT (disapproval) People sometimes insult someone they do not like by referring to them as a shit. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
7) EXCLAM Shit is used to express anger, impatience, or disgust. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
8) VERB: V pron-refl If someone says they are shitting themselves, they mean that they are very frightened. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
9) PHRASE: V inflects (emphasis) To beat or kick the shit out of someone means to beat or kick them so violently that they are badly injured. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
10) PHRASE: V inflects If someone says that the shit hit the fan, they mean that there was suddenly a lot of trouble or angry arguments. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
11) PHRASE: V inflects, usu with brd-neg (feelings) If someone says that they do not give a shit about something, they mean that they do not care about it at all. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
12) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If someone is in the shit or in deep shit, they are in a lot of trouble. [INFORMAL, RUDE]
13) CONVENTION Tough shit can be used as a way of telling someone that they will have to accept a situation they do not like because they have no choice. [INFORMAL, RUDE]

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